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Characteristics of Gemstones

Almost all gemstones possess psychological powers. Here are the most common:

Rose Quartz: Has a calming influence. It centers, attracts & stimulates.

Amethyst: Represents a state of dream, psychicism & peace. Also helps with alcoholism.

Diamond: Emotional, spiritual & physical help. A symbol of purity & abundance.

Adventurine: Hones your mental skills, represents money and is a gambling talisman. It strengthens eyesight & enhances intelligence.

Amber: Keep for luck, healing, strength & beauty.

Lapis Lazuli: Represents spiritualism, psychicism & fidelity.

Jade: A symbol of prosperity, love and healing.

Turquoise: Always keep with you for it is the symbol of protection.

Characteristics of Flowers

Flowers have been symbolic of a celebration of life from time eternal. Here is what some of them mean:

Honeysuckle: Always have this around you for it is a symbol of prosperity.

Pink Roses: This is what you want to send to someone you love. A symbol of love itself.

Carnations: Send these to a new mother for the carnation represent purity and love.

Baby Breath: You can let someone know that you like them with this symbol of attraction.

Green Leaves & Ferns: Keep them in a sick room for healing and in your living room as a symbol of prosperity.

My Book

Clair's book "The Memoirs of a Mormon Mistress & Victorian Housewife" is an inspirational story of triumph and perseverance that will awaken your inner strength.

Memoirs of a Mormon Mistress & Victorian Housewife

Clair wants to inspire abused women, who don’t know it, that there is a better life, victory and help ahead.

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